donderdag 10 juni 2010

Open Letter to the Turkish ambassador in Belgium

Grief and disbelief are merely two of the many sentiments we share with the Turkish people after they lost nine of their most noble compatriots as a consequence of an action which cannot be described in words alone. On one side, we had the benevolent camp, bravely and altruistically sailing towards a besieged and collectively punished people in order to bring them much required aid. The other camp is a conniving one, whose vile character leads it to constantly scheme against the people it occupies and against those who care for them. The end justifies the means, is the only thing it raises interest in as it is not afraid to conduct piracy or kill children, two of the many attributes of a colonial state with military supremacy. These two opposing forces collided in the Mediterranean, and we all know how this ended.

As usual, sadness struck the peace-loving, all heart victims first, while the aggressor boasts over the incredible feeling of shooting randomly into an unarmed mob. He may even boast over feeling like a god, being able to decide over life and death. The aggressor will mockingly describe to those in his barrack, whom did not participate in the massacre, how amusing it was to see the victims 'beg for their lives'. However, haughtiness soon made way and defensiveness was Israel’s reaction after the Turkish government announced that the era of Israeli impunity is over. The Turkish prime Minister Erdogan addressed humanity in his speech which did not give way to any interpretation. Israel will pay, Erdogan assured the world. The life of the martyrs for humanity are lost forever, but the Turkish government and the Turkish people can still make sure that their noble sacrifice was not in vain.

Turkey, as the embodiment of a proud nation with its rich history, must react in such manner that it does not decrease any of its proud standing in the world. It would be a disgrace to Turkish pride, if the only official Turkish reaction was a temporary recalling of its ambassador. As a strategic ally, Turkey can do many things to ensure that justice will prevail and make Israel pay dearly for the loss of the Turkish heroes. The only reasonable and balanced reaction, after the humiliation of the Turkish ambassador in Israel and the spilling of innocent Turkish blood, is an immediate and definite closing of the Zionist embassy in Ankara, which is the darkest place in whole Turkey. In addition to that, it is of highly importance that Turkey aborts all economic and military cooperation with Israel. How can the Turkish army cooperate and participate in joint drills with an army that kills innocent Turkish citizens in open sea? Israel must be denied the privilege to trade freely in Turkey. And the most symbolic deed Turkey can perform, is to abort unilaterally the treaty which ensures a continuous flow of precious Turkish water to Israel.

The will of the Turkish people is clear and it does not contradict any of the Arab sentiments. Now it is up to the democratic Turkish government to turn the tables and assume its leading role in making justice prevail. We offer our condolences and deepest sympathy to the families of the Turkish martyrs, and we welcome Turkey in its just stance on Israel and its allies.

The Union of Arab Students in Europe