zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Statement on the occasion of the 65 anniversary of the Massacre of Sétif

The 8th of May marks Nazi Germany's capitulation. Exactly 65 years ago, the atrocious second World War ended and one of the most horrible chapters in human history was seemingly closed. But atrocity did not end with Hitler committing suicide on April 30th, nor with the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany on May 8 1945. On that same day another event occurred that showed the true face of the victorious forces of Allied Europe. The French Free Forces butchered more than 30.000 Algerians in Sétif because they too wanted an end to oppression and colonization, and join the club of those who wanted to benefit from European universalism and emancipation in order to taste the sweet, yet exclusive fruits of freedom and equality.

The massacre of Sétif is hardly mentioned in our history books, but this occurrence is immortalized as the start of Algeria's war for independence. France genocidal counter effort to impede the Algerian's claim for nationhood and self-determination resulted in the death of 1.5 million Algerians and volunteers from neighboring countries, most of them arriving from Morocco. These martyrs of freedom and independence never received their due honor. No European power ever demanded the setting up of an inquiry into these horrible events. There never came any formal apology from the French government for their well recorded atrocities. The French equivalents of the Nazis who committed these crimes against humanity were never brought to justice.

Instead of facing a Nuremberg court these criminals are referred to as heroes and have received countless medals. Some of these criminals are Charles de Gaulle, Jean-Marie le Pen, Fernand Gambiez, Raoul Salan and Paul Aussaresses. Therefore, those who are still alive such Le Pen and Aussaresses must face trial willy-nilly. In imitation of the Eichmann and Pinochet trials, or the more recent Khmer Rouge trial in Cambodia, it is about time to set up an Arab tribunal with the explicit goal of arresting and bringing to court of every suspect of the colonial era in order to turn this dark page forever. All means are justified to force France and other European countries to pay compensations for the crimes they committed.

If these demands seem too radical, let us not forget what France claims to stand for. Let us not forget that it is this same France which was never done talking of Man, and never stopped proclaiming that they were only anxious for the welfare of Man. Today, more than any other day, we know with what sufferings humanity has paid for every of its triumphs.

Never to forgive, never to forget!

some of the scars of the French civilizational mission

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