zondag 2 januari 2011

The Union of Arab Students in Europe: Our emblem explained

The Union of Arab Students in Europe: Our emblem explained

The slogan on the top of our emblem is the expression God is Greater in Arabic. This well known trans-religious Arab slogan is employed by the dispossessed and underpriviliged in the Arab and Islamic worlds, as a means to express their anger and discontent towards oppression and injustice.

The 'two crescents' is an artistic representation of the unity of the Arab nation. Each cresent represents one of the parts of this nation; the Mashreq and the Maghreb. Put together, they form an impermeable circle representing Arab unity.

The edges of these two crescents have sharp blades, signifying the resistance that is defending this nation, but also, its dynamism and historical movement.

The usage of a crescent is a mere reference to the Arab-Islamic civilization which is strongly rooted in the national and cultural awareness of our people.

In between the two crescents stands the Arabic letter “ض”. This latter character is unique since it exists only in Arabic. Therefore Arabic is often referred to as the language of “ض” which is the lingua franca of the Arab world.

Below the two crescents is the following phrase: “to the top through knowledge”. As a student organization we cannot overemphasize on the importance of acquiring knowledge. The path to knowledge runs straight along the path of emancipation, national awakening, solidarity, development and unity.

PS : The two crescents are also used in the symbols of the Arab European League and the Arab Nationalist Youth

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