zondag 18 april 2010

Palestinian Prisoners Day: Report of our solidarity gathering

The 17th of April marks Palestinian Prisoners Day. As the League of Arab Students considers and defends the Arabness of Palestine alongside the plight of struggle with its people towards the liberation of Palestine, it was more than our plight to organize a demonstration against the imprisonment and violation of the basic human rights of our brave and steadfast Palestinians.

On this symbolic day, members of the League of Arab Students and other activists gathered in front of the European Commission in Brussels. We urged that the European Union should immediately take sanctions against 'Israel' to end its suffocating blockade of the Gaza Strip and release our Palestinian prisoners who are year by year subjected to torture, deprivation of medical treatment, isolated confinement, deliberate killing and to other inhuman treatments by these Zionist occupiers. Brahim Harchaoui, spokesman of the League of Arab Students, held a speech in which he insisted on the fact that the strive for the release of the Palestinian prisoners is an important constituent in the Palestinian issue. He also clarified what we, as the common people and the authorities, can and should do to contribute to the struggle to set free Palestine. With megaphones, slogans, flags and so on, every person present showed that he repudiates the supine attitude of the authorities towards the physical and mental abuse, massacre and exile of the Palestinian people.

As the League of Arab Students, we will continue this struggle in order to set free Palestine and liberate our Palestinian prisoners. We also fiercely condemn the indifference which is widely prevalent among the Arab regimes and all kinds of normalization with the Zionist entity. We call up all Arabs to unite in order to fight against the worsening of this Zionist aggression.

The League of Arab Students in Europe


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