dinsdag 13 april 2010

Report of our 'Arab World' Quiz

Report of our 'Arab World' Quiz

Tuesday the 6th of April, the League of Arab Students was pleased to welcome her members and other guests on her Arab World Quiz! As our principles lay the foundation of all our activities, the main goal of this quiz was to revive the Arabic language and Arab-Islamic culture among our youth. Therefore the quiz was logically held in Dutch and Arabic.

We started off by introducing our principles which are the backbone of our league. Subsequently two of our members enthusiastically presented the quiz. The participants were thrown questions at that went from general knowledge to the Arabic language, history, politics, music and much more. In the course of the quiz, we saw some people frown of concentration when tougher questions were put to them, but chiefly a lot of laughing was going on, everyone seemed genuinely to enjoy. During the break, the students were given the oppurtunity to have a conversation and get acquainted with each other. After the break, the correct answers were given and the winning group was announced.

At the end of the day, we can undoubtedly say that it was a great succes and we are motivated to organize more events in order to unite our Arab students. We would also like to thank everyone who was present and who contributed to what we may truthfully call a highly pleasant and educative day.

The League of Arab Students in Europe

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