vrijdag 5 februari 2010

Islam and quality Sperm; knowledge Belgian style

By Yassine Channouf

If you're looking for quality information, search no more. Learn Dutch and join the heroic Belgian army. They are now not only protecting the free world by participating in the illegal and immoral war on Afghanistan, but they are now being tutored in highly (un)sophisticated subjects. A professor International Law, Jacques Rifflet, was assigned the task to teach Islam to the soldiers who are going to Afghanistan. Islam being the only subject matter that one can grasp in a mere lesson or two. Well, this professor told the soldiers that 'having a daughter for Muslims implies that the man has bad quality sperm. I am not joking'. You are not joking indeed. Sometimes ignorance can be humorous, but in this case? Our professor continues by mentioning the usual clichés about Muslims, their derogatory attitude towards the female gender, the forceful marrying of women, and so on.
Because Belgian Defense Minister was unavailable for comments, apparently too busy with memorizing the Art of Lying, another Minister, Inge Vervotte, reacted à la CD&V (Belgian's Christian Democratic Party). Beautiful Inge said that because of the language problem -French and Dutch- the professor needed to use ornate language. Haha!
Different question arise. Don't they have in the Defense Department anyone who is bilingual? Imagine a warlike situation and soldiers not understanding each other? Will they use ornate language? At whose expense? The poor Afghans who are being slaughtered day by day. Most likely.
Can we see the original French text? Of course not. For it is clear to all that there is nothing wrong with the translation of the texts? It was quite accurate.
When are we allowed to be angry, when even academics dare to expound such grave and inhuman clichés about Islam? These explanations will have their consequences, for these soldiers will decide between life or death in Afghanistan?
And last but not least, will this blunder change anything?
Well, we have to be pessimistic. Islam as a religion, and those who adhere to this faith are continuously being portrayed as backward, medieval, vicious, violent and so on. It is a trend, a fashion that is lingering on for too long in these western society. Belgium is islamophobe, and that's that.

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